Thong & G-string

Thong & G-String Panties

We’re gettin’ flossy with it, boo! While some of you are about that thong life all day, every day—feelin’ cheeky no matter the season—we know it might not be everyone’s first go-to. If you’re the type to only opt for sexy thongs come romantic occasions or because your outfit requires one, we got news for you. You simply haven’t found the best G-string panties for you, because once you find the one you love, you won’t ever want to go back! EveryBODY’s different, and that’s why we want you to Xplore all the possibilities, even if women’s thongs haven’t always been your main choice. In order to find a perfectly cute thong that feels just right on your body, you need options! Per usual, we got sizes and styles for all, including petite to plus-size thongs in a wide array of fabrics and all the shades and prints your bottom half could ever want. In the mood for something silky that feels like a second skin? Try out our all-time fave, cool-to-the-touch microfiber mid-rise thong—an instant classic your cheeks will love. Or if you’re feeling flirty, Xplore our sweet lace thongs from our most-loved Cotton Essentials collection and more. No matter what vibe you’re giving, what outfit you’ve got on, or what event you’re attending—a comfortable thong or one of our sexy G-strings can make all the difference in your whole mood. Whether you swear by one or the other or you’re just playin’ around with new panty silhouettes, just know you’ll find something to love in our Xtensive assortment. So, what are you waiting for?! Boss up and get your floss up!