At Savage X, we believe the perfect look starts with an essential undergarment. From bralettes to ultra-support bras, our assortment is designed to celebrate your unique style and body type. That’s why we take a different approach with our bralettes and bralette tops, starting with functional comfort—because we know feeling good is just as important as looking good. So, stay in your comfort zone without sacrificing your killer sense of style!

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A major misconception behind bralettes is that they can’t be as elevated as some of their sultry counterparts. However, our assortment of sexy bralettes certainly brings the heat. From delicate lace bralettes to soft mesh, these romantic threads make a major statement in any moment. Now that’s what we call minimal effort, maximum effect!

We encourage you to switch things up and discover the versatility of our bralettes and bralette tops, because sometimes less is truly more. From sexy, supportive lace and mesh bralettes to more compressive and fuller-coverage options, our range of bralettes will work for any move and any mood. From simple and casual to sultry and SO hot, our stacked assortment of bralettes has something for every occasion—a true top-drawer secret weapon with simplicity at its core.