Make ’Em Scream

This Halloween, we’re partnering with Fenty Beauty to bring you a lineup of looks to get you right this Spooky SZN.

Naughty Nurse

Give ’em a taste of your bedside manner with a Savage X style so sick and a Fenty Beauty look to match.

Baddest, Maddest Hatter

Xplore new worlds and wild fantasies in bright Savage X styles and mad-bold makeup by Fenty Beauty.


Hit the road in a Savage X getup the groupies will love and next-level glam by Fenty Beauty that screams rock n’ roll.

Ahoy, Zaddy!

It’s smooth sailin’ when you look this good. Get lust at sea with nautical-inspired Savage X styles and Fenty Beauty faves.

Shipwreck’d Shawty

Make waves in this naughty nautical Savage X lingerie look and makeup by Fenty Beauty.

Moody Maid

Clean up nice in must-have mesh by Savage X and a pristine Fenty Beauty face.

Cartoon Vixen

Stay on their mind with a tune they can't resist in a bold red Savage X look and Fenty Beauty makeup to match.

Mars Maven

Go to a planet far, far away, with a Fenty Beauty beat and Savage X styles that’re light-years ahead.