The most giftable pieces of the season

Handpicked by Rihanna’s Stylist, Jahleel Weaver.

What are the must-buy giftable pieces from the Holiday Collection?


The X Satin Cami and short, the X Knit Romper, and the Savage X Jumpsuit in my 'Still Watching?' Xtra VIP Box— it’s the coziest and softest piece that no one will be mad at.
-Jahleel Weaver

How do you find gifts that are unique to the recipient's personal style?


Pick something that you think would be versatile for that person’s style. There are so many easy giftable pieces to choose from right now, just have fun with it—throw in an Xccessory like the heart crop or some holiday pasties!
-Jahleel Weaver

What does a unique sense of style mean to you?


It means no “rules.” It’s about keeping things interesting for yourself, having fun, and being unapologetic about it. Everyone is unique and has something interesting to say with their style.
-Jahleel Weaver