This holiday szn, we're celebrating 3 incredible duos that are working overtime to help educate, heal, and uplift Womxn, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC communities.

We are spotlighting the inspiring stories of Melissa Mel and LaGina R. Harris, Sierra Etes and Azé Williams, and Amaya Ronczyk and Kalaya Sibley.



Melissa & LaGina
@meltifaceted @laraeinfinity


Powerhouses in their own right, Mel and LaGina are two well-versed creatives and entrepreneurs who joined forces to create holistic spaces for BIPOC communities. They’ve partnered with mental health experts, healers, and practitioners to share information on mindful nutrition, motherhood, relationships, and youth-centered healing.



Sierra & Azé
@xo1_sierra @mynamesaze


With backgrounds in community service and activism, Sierra and Azé came together to work toward providing direct mutual aid to and positive representation of Black Womxn and girls who struggle with mental health. Their work centers on teaching people how to navigate life with joy despite sexual, emotional, mental, and physical trauma.



Amaya & Kalaya
@alise.amaya @mekenziej7


As a response to the lack of feminine hygiene products provided at their predominantly female university, pre-law students Amaya and Kalaya came together and partnered with a major company to provide period products to students in need. And it doesn’t stop there—they also work to help educate their peers on menstrual cycles, sexual and reproductive health, and legislation that directly impacts the female population.



These Game Changer Duos are fearlessly leading the way to a brighter future while showcasing the power that lies in true partnership. We are honored to spotlight Melissa and LaGina, Sierra and Azé, and Amaya and Kalaya to our Savage X Community. See what they are all up to next and get more familiar with their work on IG!