At Savage X Fenty, we believe that every BODY can change the game. From creators and educators to healthcare workers and engineers—our Savage X Community can make BIG impacts on our world. We’re showing some love to the game changers. Who are the game changers? They’re the ones shaking up the status quo by disrupting and breaking the rules of regular convention. No matter how big or small, their efforts have the ability to effect real change for one person, one classroom, or one community at a time.


We’re all about the game changers, the rule breakers, the disruptors. Enter the Savage X Game Changers Initiative. Each season, we will feature 3 exceptional game changers and highlight what they’re doing to reshape the world around us in their own unique ways. Through their voices and talents, they are making a big difference!


Does this sound like you? Are you changing the game? Fill us in - we wanna know how! Submit for a chance to be a Savage X Game Changer!



Terms & Conditions


You gotta act quick! The submission window will be open for 3 days between 04/05/2021 and 04/07/2021. Only the first 500 submissions will be considered.


Each selected game changer will be featured across the Savage X Fenty site, social and email, where we will share their unique stories and get a taste of what they're bringing to the world. 


We’re thrilled to support the drive and ambition our Savage X Community shows us on the daily. Y’all are doing the damn thing and we’re happy to be a small part of it. We love the rule breakers, the disruptors and the game changers, so let’s do this!



Savage X Fenty